Google seeks more rats

by djbaxter on March 3, 2010

This is not the first time Google has asked webmasters to do their jobs for them by ratting out their competitors. Here they go again:

Calling for link spam reports
by Matt Cutts
March 3, 2010

Google has been working on some new algorithms and tools to tackle linkspam and we’d like to ask for linkspam reports from you. If you’d like to tell us about web sites that appear to be using spammy links (e.g. paid links that pass PageRank, blog spammers, guestbook spammers, etc.), here’s how to send us more info. Go to

Webmaster Tools | Spam Report

and tell us about the site that appears to be employing link spam. Be sure to include the word “linkspam” (all one word, all lower-case) in the textarea (the last field in the form).

If that’s too hard to remember, you can also use the shortcut

Webmaster Tools | linkspam

which will pre-populate the text area field to say “linkspam” in it. Note: to use these forms, you must sign in with a Google account. We’re moving away from using the anonymous spam report form.

There’s just something unseemly about this, even of you can get past the issue of Google wanting us to do their work for them for free.

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